Pokeball (Pokemon) | What Chu Got? #3 | Fun Cartoons by Dtoons


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What will Conroy and Doggy do with a Pokeball? Will other Pokemon appear? Watch and find out!
Plus, check out our other cartoons, like Kassandra and her Awesome Tips for Life! Also, why does Doggy have a Star Wars lightsaber?
Compilations is basically what Youtube is expecting me to do. They hate short videos, ya know!

CONROY CAT stars the wacky hi-jinks of a cat who learns how to be a cartoon character with the help of Doggy, a grumpy old toon from the 1920’s. Watch as they review cartoons, try out familar gadgets, and even ask viewer questions!

We make original cartoons and fan animations, most notably the crossover series Team Teen.

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Featuring the voices of Leo Melanson, Jon Causith, Brittany Lauda, and Emi Koch!

Music by Philip Landini


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