Karliene – Fire and Gold – Elizabeth Album


‘Fire and Gold’ is from the new album ‘Elizabeth’ coming soon!!

‘Elizabeth’ is a sequel to my album ‘The Ballad of Anne Boleyn” and follows the turbulent life of Anne’s daughter, Elizabeth who would become England’s famous Virgin Queen and one of history’s most iconic figures.

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Fire and Gold
Written by Karliene Reynolds (2018)
From the album ‘Elizabeth’ (2018)

— | LYRICS |–

I was born on the night of a storm
In a land torn apart
No male heir for this kingdom
Darkened my Father’s heart

How could I know then my life?
How strong I’d have to be
Motherless and bastardized
But God chose me

Can I be great like my Father?
Will I be loved by my people?
In the shadow of my Mother
Can I change her tale?

Now I stand on the edge of a storm
a crown of fire and gold
God chose me for this kingdom
Bound for England’s throne

Now I stand on the edge of a storm


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