Stuck in the Friendzone for 3 Years (Ft. JaidenAnimations)


Is Maaz making himself out to be a weirdo? I sure am! Join me in my tale about how I was stuck in the Friendzone for 3 YEARS by a girl named Cherry (voiced by JaidenAnimations). I remember my quest for her love being really dramatic, so I hope that transferred onto this video.

I also want to say here in the description that I am NOT like that any more. Acting in the manner I did is incredibly creepy and you should avoid doing/thinking like that if possible. Okay sweet 😀

Thank you so much Jaiden for helping me voice Cherry, she… she really outdid herself hahahaha

Major thanks to my BG artists:
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Rynthie –
Taylor –
NuNu91011 –
Pantsless Pajamas (No Nut November survivor) –


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