I’m glad to finally be able to share with you the full extended version of my intro song created by Lovprod! Ever since I commissioned it back in December 2017 this song has added so much personality and life to my content and I’ve been wanting to make a fancy animation to showcase the extended version and I felt like a 200k subs + new years special was the perfect occasion for that 😀 Please go check out this underrated artist’s other videos & music (although they’ve been inactive online for quite some time so pls don’t spam them):
Also I wanna make it clear that my intro song was a commission – as in i paid for it – so please don’t go bother the artist (or anyone for that matter) for free music! Music production takes a hecc of a lot of time and skill and artists deserve to be paid for it

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Hardware/Software I use:
Audio – T.bone SC440 & Adobe Audition
Drawing – GAOMON M106K Tablet & Adobe Photoshop
Animation – Adobe After Effects & Adobe Animate
Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

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