My Eyes are Freaking Adorable (here’s why)


Bet you didn’t SEE this one coming, EYE think that EYE surprised you, but don’t make a SPECTACLE of it; what, too CORNEA for you?
Okay fair enough I’ll stop now.

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Commonly asked questions:
“Hey Noah, what do you use to animate your videos?”
Good question! I use Toon Boom Harmony! ( )

“What do you edit your animations with?”
Adobe Premiere Pro! ( )

“I want to start my own animation channel, but I don’t know how to record my voice!”
Here, try Audacity! (IT’S FREE) (( ))

“I’m looking for cheap drawing tablets; any recommendations?”
Why, yes! Try the Wacom Intuos! It’s SORT OF cheap… ( )

Thanks for watching my animation! It means a lot to me 🙂


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